Award ceremony 2020

Even though everyone would have liked to meet in person, the pandemic was to make the YES! 2020 a digital event almost from start to finish. The winning teams joined representatives from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to talk about learning in times of the pandemic, present their ideas, and celebrate their success together.

Our long-standing moderating duo Conny Czymoch and David Patrician welcomed the teams from the Buckhorn Grammar School in Hamburg, the Albertus Magnus Grammar School in Stuttgart and the Martin Andersen Nexö Grammar School in Dresden, as well as numerous guests from the Ministry and the partner institutes.

State Secretary Marco Wanderwitz was very pleased to have the opportunity to discuss with the young people. Photo: YES! – Young Economic Summit

Parliamentary State Secretary Marco Wanderwitz had reserved a remarkably long time to spend with the students. He not only followed their presentations with interest but also commented and discussed with the young people. Together with Prof. Dr Marcel Thum from ifo Dresden, he talked to representatives of the teams about their time at school, what fears and worries the young people have in this pandemic and how politics can perhaps help them out of it.

At the end of each presentation, he virtually handed out the trophies to the teams. In real life, the trophies had long since arrived at the schools, where they will find a new home.

For us, this was the final event of a year in the YES! like we had never experienced before. It was different, but at the same time, it had its unique charm.

Even though it is still going on digitally, the times will come again when we can meet the next winning teams in person.

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