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“Electric mobility includes all cars which are powered by an electric engine, draw the majority of their energy out of the electricity grid and which are externally rechargeable. These include battery electric vehicles (BEV), a combination of electronic engine and a small combustion vehicle (Range Extender, REEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV).” (Source: http://www.erneuerbar-mobil.de/glossar/elektromobilitaet-definition-der-bundesregierung)


We the team of the RBZ Wirtschaft Kiel decided to solely focus on Electric Vehicles (EVs) since we believe that they have the biggest potential for society and our future.




In May 2017 Angela Merkel admitted that the goal of having one million electric cars on German streets before 2020 is unrealistic. Germany had 3.35 million newly registered cars in 2016, and only 11,410 of them were electric vehicles. Apparently, there are a few problems which prevent the goal above from happening. For instance, the range of e-cars, charging time, the high purchase price, the weak charging infrastructure and the doubts of car manufacturers, dealers and customers.

These aren’t trivial reasons for the current reluctance of the automotive industry to advertise and actively sell e-cars. These aspects lead to a rejection of e-cars and prevent people from making opinions without any prejudices which let us conclude that Germany is missing the necessary awareness and acceptance.


What can our solution change?

Our solution focuses on changing the opinion of car customers since we aren’t engineers or urban planners who develop batteries with higher capacities or influence the advancement of charging infrastructure. E-parties should create awareness and greater acceptance for the electric mobility. Our solution connects positive emotions, informs without the pressure to buy and should provide a pleasant experience with e-cars for the drivers.



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This will happen in so called e-parties. Interested private citizens will hold them with roughly 10 participants. They offer the guests a friendly environment with food and pleasant conversations next to having the opportunity to have test rides with several EVs. This will be possible through the support of several car dealerships which provide the cars as well as professional staff.





We have already done one of these “e-parties” with the car dealership Süverkrüp and Stadtwerke Kiel. The objective is not to sell cars but rather to showcase the concept of e-cars to the guests as well as showing them who noiseless acceleration “feels.”

In our opinion, this is the most efficient way to change people’s perception towards electric mobility. That’s our goal and if we succeed the sales of electric cars will rise and the investment of the car dealerships will surely pay off.


The e-parties that we want to accompany will contain questionnaires just like the pilot-parties which will, first of all, ask them about their prior knowledge of e-cars and their opinion of the cars and the event. These questionnaires will help us to improve the e-parties along with providing information about the evolution of people’s opinions towards electric mobility.

Then, hopefully, many (barbecue) parties of friends, relatives, and acquaintances remain, with whom one can experience electric mobility.


Next Steps


We’ll focus on the popularity for the time being that’s how we can assure that e-parties will be a success and that our approach will be sustainable as well as influence the opinion of the German citizen. Additional partnerships will be essential for our goal that’s why we strive to cooperate with more car dealerships and the regional authorities. We also work towards getting a charging station installed on our school’s ground. Negotiations with the school and the Stadtwerke are already running.

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Presentation & Discussion

YES! 2017 Topic


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Promoting Electric Mobility

There are good ecological reasons that electric cars should replace cars with combustion engines in the near future. Yet, due to several reasons, people are still reluctant to embrace this approach. The price of fuel, for instance, is quite low, and the infrastructure of charging stations is not comprehensive. Furthermore, this technology is still more expensive than the fully developed combustion engines.


The German government decided to boost this new technology by subsidizing the purchase of a new electric car. The share of the state of the environment bonus for pure electric cars with batteries or fuel-cell drive (with no local CO2 emissions)  is 2,000 Euros. For a hybrid car (with less than 50g CO2 emissions per km) is 1,500 Euros. These incentives, however, do not attract as many buyers as expected.


What measures do you think of that could stimulate the people to buy electric cars and increase their market share quickly and significantly?


You can continue to read more about the YES! 2017 topic “Promoting Electric Mobilityhere.


The project “Promoting Electric Mobility” was proposed by the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre of Economics. The YES! Teams are supported by the editors Kristin Biesenbender and Cora Wacker.


This topic has been selected to work on by the YES! team of the RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel.