Climate Change Mitigation – Our Kick-Off Meeting in Hamburg

by Gymnasium Brunsbüttel

On Wednesday the 21. February 2018, the YES-Team of the 12 graders were on their way tot he train station to Hamburg. After a short stay, we were nicely welcomed at 1 pm in the lobby oft he GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies. Kai Meinke and Dr Sebastian Renner started the Kick-Off event by presenting themselves and their team.

Photo: (c) YES! / Kai Meinke

After that, the students presented the YES! project group. The class reported that the idea to apply for this competition was introduced by their teacher Mr Steinfeld and that the interest for the topic was developed through working on it because the consequences would affect the students themselves.  Moreover, the teenagers can become active and influence as long as they´re just students. Because the students occupy the chemistry profile, they try to also include the natural sciences next to the economic aspects.

They continued with introducing the topic. Quickly they realised that especially in countries like China, India and Mexico there is a higher power consumption which leads to a promoted economic growth and that their energies are primarily won by using fossil fuels.  This issue has to be more palpable fort he population in every country. The conclusion was that the projects shouldn´t be too small and that ideas like CO2- free towns, solar cooker etc. aren´t a great fit to win or change something.

In the end, they discussed how to go on. Different tasks were distributed, and appointments were made. Additionally, questions could be asked, and a group picture was made. At 3 pm the meeting was over, and the students started their way back home to Brunsbüttel.

Team Presentation

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