Christine Merk works as a postdoctoral researcher in the research areas The Environment and Natural Resources and Social and Behavioral Approaches to Global Problems. One of her main research interests are individuals’ trade-offs between mitigation and climate engineering technologies. She conducts economic experiments integrating concepts from the psychology of risk perception to learn more about individuals’ perceptions of and reactions to climate engineering. In May 2018 she was a visiting scholar at Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program.

Furthermore, she researches the effects of nudging interventions on climate-friendly meal choices in field experiments. Since 2019 she also part of the coordination team of the Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change which was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to stimulate the exchange between economists and societal stakeholders about climate change.

Her background is in policy analysis and administration science (University of Konstanz and Rutgers University), and she holds a PhD in Economics from Kiel University

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