Acceptance of Refugees in the local Environment (2018)


The massive wave of migrants coming to Europe since 2015 has become a central challenge for German and European politics. This topic has dominated recent the federal and regional election campaigns. Fears, prejudices and mistrust resulted in strong support for the AFD in recent elections. However, this support varies dramatically, even on a local level within cities or administrative districts. This is a signal that the success of the integration of refugees is very different regionally as well as there are very different fears related to refugees among the population.‘Nudges’ could be a way of increasing the willingness to help. A nudge is a method that influences the behaviour of people without having to resort to bans or laws or having to change social incentives. Nudges are becoming a more popular way of influencing people’s behaviour as new laws or regulations do not have to be issued as policy. Nudges could help to overcome individual blocks such as fear or uncertainty concerning responsibility, thus increasing the level of social welfare.