Organising an Efficient Allocation of Day-Care Spots for Children (2018)


It is crucial for many parents to provide day-care for their children because they want and often need to return to the job market. Moreover, since such a return needs quite some time of preparation and coordination with the employer, parents need a guarantee for their child’s care. Currently, the application processes are complicated and lengthy. So the proper distribution process should consist of several criteria: The parents should be able to decide when and which institution should care for their child. The number of spots should be used efficiently. Also, the parents must deliver a true set of facts from the parents regarding the distance to home or workplace and educational concept. False statements to get a spot in a particular institution must be prohibited. As a result, parents should be satisfied with the first offer they get for a spot because it would fit their requirements. Currently, many parents state their wishes to get a spot for a particular institution or wait for other offers, which leads to an advantage for parents who are better informed over others.

Organising an Efficient Allocation of Day-Care Spots for Children (2018)2018-11-02T10:35:52+01:00
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