Saarpfalz Gymnasium Homburg II 2018


We are six highly motivated girls who are currently attending the tenth grade of Saarpfalz Gymnasium in Homburg which is located in beautiful Saarland. Even though we're all completely different types, we have a few things in common which are very important: all of us are really interested in politics, especially in current political issues, languages, and - apparently, fitting our topic „Media Usage in the Digital World“- the Internet, particularly social media. We chose this as our topic because media are becoming more and more important these days and we are very excited to show our ideas and solutions for it. Also, all members enjoy helping people and socialising very much. If you'd like, we would be happy if you could follow us on our social media to watch our progress!

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Windeck-Gymnasium BĂĽhl 2018


The way we found out the YES!-Project exists is very interesting. Two different teachers at the Windeck-Gymnasium in Bühl said something about a „politic project“ before I was asked by Mr Stiborsky if I am interested in joining this competition. I said YES! So the next two days I was searching for some competent and clever teammates. This is how our team, consisting of Amira, Carina, Lily-Marie, Niklas, Rebecca, Simon, came together. As it came to choose the topic we are interested in, we quickly decided to go with the subject of how to fight child poverty and how children and young adults can be supported.

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