“Hello” dear YES-Community!


Now we’re really getting started: Today we continued working on our YES-Project Nudging Sustainable Consumption.


First of all we formed groups to specialise on several different aspects.


The Social Media group mainly focuses on everything around our media presence: Facebook, Instagram and of course our blogposts, so you’re always up to date. ;-)


Our second team is going to plan a self-experiment we all want to do together, obviously concerning our project. Ideas like a “diary of nutrition or consumption” kept for a week or “consumption of paper only in school” have already come up. Moreover, they look for possible study trip destinations that could help us developing our project and maybe even contribute to a concrete idea. We found out that organisations like Greenpeace actually offer to come to schools to inform about particular environmental problems that we might improve with little nudges.


Eventually, the last three groups are in charge of research: reading articles, filtering, putting together data and facts, developing first basic ideas and proposals. Therefore they divided into teams to look for information on sustainable tourism, second-hand clothes and the consumption of paper and plastic.


Everyone is working diligently and first concepts are arising like dream castles in our minds.


We’re looking forward to presenting our next ideas to you!

Bye for now and…


¡Buenos Nudging! We say: „YES!“


YES! 2017 Team Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium Hamburg

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