Anne Frank School is a young, modern school in Bargteheide which was founded in 1990.

Our school stands for tolerance and respect. We regard our school as a community where everyone is welcome, everyone is taken seriously and where students help each other. The atmosphere at our school is based on mutual respect and trust.

Our school also acknowledges that all students are different. Consequently, there are alternative ways of studying. Students who are particularly gifted or interested in certain ways can take part in enrichment classes, others may need special support.

Since project work is an important element at our school, there is a chance for everybody to find challenges they feel able to complete. Yet, all kinds of student stay together until they leave school.

Job and life planning also plays an important part at our school. It starts in grade 7 when all children take part in an assessment seminar which gives them feedback on their personal strengths and it continues up to grade 12 when students can find out about their interests and options concerning studies at university.

Anne-Frank-Schule Bargteheide
Emil-Nolde-Straße 9
22941 Bargteheide

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Anne-Frank-Schule Bargteheide

Chosen YES! 2015 Topic

“Environmental Sustainability”

“Food Security through more Intense Crop Production”

Find further information on the topic “Urban Development” on the Website of the Global Economic Symposium and here.