YES! Teams 2018

Alfred Nobel Gesamtschule Potsdam (2018)

The team selected this topic

Involving Citizens in Research: Improving Science and Society? (2018)

For the last century, scientific research has been done primarily by professional scientists such as professors in academia or scientists and engineers in large firms. More recently, science has opened up through the involvement of citizens in research, a phenomenon that is called “citizen science” or “crowd science”.

The Team

Greetings to our fellow economics enthusiasts!

We are the YES! team of the Alfred Nobel Gesamtschule Potsdam and are very excited to be part of this project. As a pretty young school, we’re honoured to participate and give our best to make a change. Our school is an international school with students from all over the globe and teaches multiple languages. The native speaking teachers do their best to teach us their own language and help us improve our work.

We are a team of 6 boys and 4 girls from the 12th grade. We all take the economics class of our teacher Mr Helm who also helps us with this project. He is an important part of our group because he’s the one who caught our interest in economics. All together we try to figure out how to improve citizen science.

We wish all interested parties a lot of fun and the other participants the best of luck!


Elisa, Sophia, Karina, Lilli, Johannes, Jacob, Henning, Tom, Max and Louis