Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium Stuttgart

Finalist for the region South-West


What are the most important things for a modern person in the 21st century? Mainly fast internet and a mobility, that is as comfortable and flexible as possible. Most people living in the city, including us, wouldn’t want to miss the luxury of good public transport. But if we look outside of the boundaries of the cities, into more rural areas, the people living there don’t get the luxury, of not needing a car to move around. To improve mobility, equalize living conditions and make the rural areas of our country more attractive, we created a concept for a new and improved mobility in rural areas. We call our concept TranSpider and it will reduce private transport and will be a refinement to any public transportation system in rural areas.


TranSpider is a coordination and management system that can be applied to any rural area and its surroundings. It consists of main routes that lead in and out of a hub, where a lot of people work, shop and go to. Along the main routes are different zones in which our Cube-Transport vehicles work.

With our Cube-Transports, customers are transported on-demand from their location to their destination. In contrast to regular public transport, TranSpider only runs when it is needed. This way we get people into public transport, but won’t have an unnecessary amount of empty runs, like public busses often have.


The Cube-Transport will be a fully autonomous vehicle that runs on electricity. They are particularly efficient, because they work on-demand and use intelligent
route planning to carry as many passengers as quickly to their destinations as possible. Our Cube-Transports are well thought out, down to the smallest detail.
They feature a fully automatic fold-out ramp, which makes them accessible for buggies and disabled people. Cube-Transports could also be used to transport
goods, to carry bikes on a bike rack and to return packages to post offices. Our Cube-Transports can be driven on the road as well as on rails.

What makes us stand out from the competition?

With our concept, we have developed a system that is not yet available in this combination. We achieve a level of flexibility and efficiency that seeks it’s equal. Our Cube-Transport can be used in so many ways and TranSpider will never again leave you dependent on bus timetables. With TranSpider, you decide when and where you want to be!

Their YES! topic

Mobility in rural areas – how can electric mobility work there?

by Stephan Wilhelm, Hendrik von Linde und Carolina Sachs, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO

Fraunhofer IAO

Rural areas, in particular, are facing significant challenges concerning the mobility revolution and changing user behaviour. In sparsely populated regions, tailor-made solutions are required for the attractive design of a possible offer and the provision of a needs-based infrastructure. Often, civic activities offer mobile options instead of owning a car.

How can civic or entrepreneurial sharing concepts be developed and professionally implemented with the rural population?

How can the mobility behaviour of the rural population be mapped?

How can smaller communities also get connected to mobility offers and structures, and how can local companies use the transformation potential of digitalisation for themselves?

We are now looking for approaches and technologies that include the following aspects (this list is to be understood as exemplary):

– (fast) charging systems

– Positioning system (e.g. laser-based)

– Services for seamless vehicle location

– Cloud-based mobility services (e.g. smartphone app)

– On-board unit as communication unit

– Mobility data cloud for connecting individual subsystems and services